Working with leading IT research companies to map out a clear pathway of guiding principles.


Ability to pull together different technical visions into a practical strategy


New solutions can be slotted into the overall picture when new innovative technology comes to the market

Combining extensive technology experience with genuine passion for driving business benefits forward, I leverage the most current insights from market leaders such as Gartner Research and Forrester to providing clarity on how to proceed.

From working with ING Bank on key aspects of making the bank more customer centric using web-based social media-based interaction through to connecting leading technology vendors with business functions in order to explore the latest technological innovations.

Paul did a great job working with Microsoft on web techniques to make ING more customer centric
ING Chief Economist, ING Bank
Great work on the ability to get leading technology vendors to apply their solutions to genuine business challenges
Gartner Senior Account Manager, Gartner